Corona has shaped the way we spend our leisure time, our interaction with nature and our awareness of food. Whether in the short or long term, the future will show. What is certain is that everyone and everything was part of an unprecedented global state of emergency. And while some businesses will never open their doors again after the lockdown, others have discovered market gaps and are now benefiting from advanced digitalization.

Corona did not leave agriculture untouched either. Farm shops were booming and many a farmer is now increasingly focusing on direct marketing. Still others have recognised the potential of social events on the farm, such as the Fankhauser family in Baar ZG. spoke with Karin and Manuela Fankhauser about their inspiration, their experiences and the effects of Corona.

How did your “heart project” come about?

For us it is a great privilege to grow up on a farm. You learn to work with nature, to observe the animal world and to take responsibility accordingly. These experiences help in every situation, also outside of farming. In order to give the population something of our values, two years ago we started various projects that are very close to our hearts. Hence the name “” (heart project). Our parents, who run the farm, are actively helping and support us again and again with their great knowledge.

How do you realize your ideas?

Since we both have an office job, we work a lot in our free time from home on new ideas and implementations. This is necessary because we are in the starting phase and therefore have to build up and invest a lot first. We have divided the tasks and responsibilities in such a way that the respective strengths can best be used and thus a varied work is created. We can also count on the support of our environment and friends. Without their volunteer work, the implementation in this framework would not be possible at all. At the same time, this contact and exchange with the local population is also very important in order to recognise how needs change. In the current situation, healthy food, local products and leisure activities in the countryside are very important.

Why should people visit the Neuguet farm?

We see our farm as a meeting place in a beautiful location near the city of Zug. Because contact with people is very important to us, we organise various team events, guided tours and courses. A surprising experience with the team encourages creative and new ideas in everyday life. Something that is also in demand especially now in more challenging moments.

Furthermore, school children learn with us how to treat animals and nature with respect and make many valuable experiences. The instructive time out in nature is rounded off with a visit to the farm garden, a fine farm inn.

All in all, visitors get an unforgettable insight into farm life with lots of background information on agriculture. We give them the opportunity to take a break from hectic everyday life and they can even be helped with upcoming farm work. As a thank you, there will be an enjoyable farm meal at the end.

What are the consequences of Corona?

In the last few months we unfortunately had to do without many different events and upcoming visits, some of which were already almost completely planned. Besides the lost time, we also had to cope with financial losses. There was also a compulsory break for school classes that regularly come by, the Jass event, company events, creative courses, etc.

At this point, we would like to emphasize that the reason for this break is that the appreciation for our work is now all the greater. People want to get out into nature and escape from everyday life. Even after two years, we are still learning new things and continuously developing new projects, because working with the local population has already become an important part of our business. And one thing is clear: Whatever we do, it comes from the heart.

Further information about the Fankhauser family’s Neuguet farm can be found on the profile (click here) or directly on the homepage

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