sustainable agriculture with healthy food at fair prices

Who produces my food? How are the animals kept? Where does my money go?
Our food production should be transparent.
That is why we promote direct contact between producers and consumers.
Every farm is portrayed and has the opportunity to sell its farm products online.
There is no intermediate storage and thus no environmentally damaging transports lasting for days.

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The portraits show the families behind the food. A detailed text and photos show what it looks like on the farm and how the animals are kept.

Some farms are too small or do not have the capacity to sell their products online. However, they should still have a chance to have an internet presence.

Freshly harvested and ripe, food has been proven to contain more healthy ingredients. So why buy winter vegetables in summer? Every day in the greenhouse and every kilometre travelled pollutes the environment. And hand on heart: there’s nothing better than a cool strawberry dessert on a warm summer evening – and not already in February.

In the Mucca shop, you can buy food, vouchers, experience days and much more directly from the producer. We deliberately avoid intermediate storage and the associated high margins. That is why each farm ships its products independently. The shipping method can be chosen individually for each farm. If you want to save on postal charges, it is best to buy as much as possible from the same producer. Gifts are also possible. Experience days and sponsorships (e.g. for a bee colony, a fruit tree or animals on the alp) are particularly popular.

Make alpine cheese, mix hummus, turn self-picked cherries into ice cream: All this is possible on your very own personal experience day. Swiss farmers open their farm doors exclusively and give an insight into their work and food production. The experience days can be booked at the Mucca Shop and can also be given as gifts.

If you buy directly from the producer, you get more for your money.

Of the price we pay for our food in the supermarket, the producer sometimes receives less than 30%. In order to cover at least the production costs, more and more farmers are therefore turning to direct marketing. “Quality not quantity” is the motto. The customer gets better food and supports sustainable agriculture that cares for the environment. Thanks to fair prices, together we can put the brakes on the trend towards “more and more – cheaper and cheaper – without taste”.

Thanks to Mucca.ch, I sell my alpine cheese online directly to my customers. With the Experience Days, an idea of Lara's, interested people get an insight into the life on a swiss alp.

Marco Würsch

While browsing the Mucca homepage, I came across the lupine flour from Muriboden-Hof. The ordering process is very simple, straightforward and clear. The delivery was fast and customer-oriented. The lupine flour tastes delicious and it is very digestible! Many thanks to the Böhlen family!

Lukas Meier

Founder of Mucca.ch
As a quadrilingual farmer's daughter and financial planner, I have been creating online portraits of family farms since 2018. My vision is a fairly priced agriculture for a sustainable supply
Performance Marketing & Digital Services
As a web strategist, I support Lara in the development of the website when she gets stuck. I am passionate about the Mucca project because I am convinced that selling
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