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On Mucca.ch: You can register directly on the site (click here) or with the registration form. If you decide for the registration form, please fill out all fields and send the form together with at least 6 photos (incl. profile photo) to: regist@mucca.ch

To cover all needs, you can choose between three packages: Basic, Shop and Gold.
With all of them, you can sell your products in the Mucca Shop (voluntary).

A profile on Mucca.ch is included in all packages. Experience shows that a producer sells more if the buyers also see who is behind their food thanks to a portrait.
We take care of the creation of the profile, image editing, writing the texts and the ongoing administration. This includes necessary updates, payment of all fees for the domain/hosting provider as well as the necessary changes to comply with new laws/data protection guidelines. For comparison: If you create a homepage yourself, the most well-known provider Jimdo.com charges CHF 19 per month for hosting with your own domain alone, or CHF 25 per month for a shop. And you still have to create and maintain the homepage yourself.

With Mucca.ch, everything is included at CHF 7.00 (Basic) CHF 12.00 (Shop) or CHF 18.00 (Gold) per month, and you benefit from excellent visibility on Google thanks to the high number of profiles. For the profile creation, which takes at least three hours, a one-time fee of CHF 90 will be charged.

Please note that the packages depend on the turnover. This refers to the income you generate by selling your products via the website. All revenues in the time frame of one year (or extrapolated to one year for shorter terms) are added up.
Up to a turnover of CHF 1,000 p.a., the Basic package is allocated as standard.
From a turnover of CHF 1’001 p.a. onwards. (up to max. CHF 2’000), the Shop package is activated.
And from a turnover of 2’001 you are considered a Gold customer.

We are transparent and disclose all shop costs.

The transaction fees are 5% per transaction. Mucca.ch needs this margin to cover the running costs and the administration fees. The remaining 95% goes entirely to you as the seller.
For credit card payments, we work together with Stripe. This plugin makes it possible to technically process secure payments via Visa/Mastercard/AmericanExpress etc. in the first place. It is therefore possible that a small percentage will be deducted from the amount paid out. This is exclusively the Stripe fees. As of January 2021, this was 2.9% per transaction + a flat rate of 0.30 Fr. None of this goes to Mucca.ch and therefore cannot be refunded. Details and current prices can be found on the Stripe homepage.

Mucca.ch strongly advises against sending the products ordered at the same time as the invoice (e.g. with payment slip). The experience of farm shop and online shop owners shows that fraudsters are also at work. They order goods online, but do not pay. It is not worthwhile to prosecute them, as the amounts are usually small amounts of money.

Recommendation: Contact the customer immediately after receiving the order via e-mail. Explain to him that you will only deliver after payment. Agree on a method of payment. Examples (without guarantee):
– Send payment slip by mail and monitor receipt of payment on account (disadvantage: a lot of time is lost)
– if the Customer has e-banking, the account details (IBAN, name and address of the account holder, bank) can be sent to him/her by e-mail
TWINT (if both parties have installed the app, you only need the mobile phone number to send money to the other’s account)

You are completely free. Some pack the goods in shoe boxes and fill them with a shock-absorbing material so that nothing is broken during transport. Others use (paid) packaging from vomhof.ch. If you want to send food that needs to be cooled, it is worth taking a look at the postal service’s website. There are special offers for the delivery of regional products directly from the farm.

Always remember to keep to the delivery times (e.g. 3-5 working days) and that the goods look/are beautifully packaged. With word-of-mouth it is much easier to attract new customers.

So leave a good impression! Not only for your own image, but also for the reputation of Swiss farmers among consumers.

All visitors to the website can report misuse at any time. This applies to both Mucca.ch and the shop. So if someone abuses the platform (e.g. privately transacting purchases received via the shop or for advertising purposes), the profile will be deleted with immediate effect and the already known deletion fees of CHF 60 will apply.

You can get a milk subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. After payment, you can collect a maximum of 5 litres of fresh milk each week from your local farmer in your own container during the entire period of validity. Prices:

1 year:         CHF 365

6 months:  CHF 200

3 months:  CHF 120

Since this is raw milk, a corresponding notice for the consumers must be attached (e.g. on the milk tank).
You can order a free sticker on the Swissmilk website: Link

Kleber Rohmilch ab Hof (Swissmilk)

Further information on this topic can be found at www.swissmilk.ch under „services for milk producers (in german)“.

EDI Art. 38 zu Rohmilch

Mucca.ch provides you with a template for the voucher and the voucher management of the milk subscriptions.
To open the documents, click on the corresponding title:

example for milk voucher (in german)

overview of milk vouchers (in german)

With a tree sponsorship you protect the diversity of Swiss fruit and vegetable varieties. You can choose the duration of your sponsorship and receive one gift each.

1 year:     CHF 150      Included: 5 kg fresh fruit from the farm

3 years:   CHF 350     Included: 5 kg fruit per year + gift from the farm

5 years:   CHF 600     Included: 5 kg of fruit per year + choose your own (existing) tree

10 years:  CHF 1 400  Included: choose your own tree, plant it and keep all fruits

18 years:  CHF 2 600  Included: choose your own tree, plant it and keep all fruits

Please inform us of changes and orders to delete the profile by e-mail: regist@mucca.ch.

For the deletion, one-time costs of CHF 60 will be charged.
Please note that any annual fee will not be refunded in the event of deletion (see Terms of Use).