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You can get a milk subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. After payment, you can collect a maximum of 5 litres of fresh milk each week from your local farmer in your own container during the entire period of validity. Prices:
1 year:         CHF 365
6 months:  CHF 200
3 months:  CHF 120

Since this is raw milk, a corresponding notice for the consumers must be attached (e.g. on the milk tank).
You can order a free sticker on the Swissmilk website: Link

Kleber Rohmilch ab Hof (Swissmilk)

Further information on this topic can be found at under „services for milk producers (in german)“.

EDI Art. 38 zu Rohmilch provides you with a template for the voucher and the voucher management of the milk subscriptions.
To open the documents, click on the corresponding title:

example for milk voucher (in german)

overview of milk vouchers (in german)

With a tree sponsorship you protect the diversity of Swiss fruit and vegetable varieties. You can choose the duration of your sponsorship and receive one gift each.
1 year:     CHF 150      Included: 5 kg fresh fruit from the farm
3 years:   CHF 350     Included: 5 kg fruit per year + gift from the farm
5 years:   CHF 600     Included: 5 kg of fruit per year + choose your own (existing) tree
10 years:  CHF 1 400  Included: choose your own tree, plant it and keep all fruits
18 years:  CHF 2 600  Included: choose your own tree, plant it and keep all fruits

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