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Blüemlisberg gift box Maxi

CHF 6.60

Pasteurized cow milk

CHF 2.00

Goat’s milk chocolate dark 52%

CHF 3.80

Muotathal Alpine Cheese

Ab: CHF 11.00

Muotathal Mutschli

Ab: CHF 11.00

Muotathal garlic cheese

Ab: CHF 11.00

Muotathal pepper cheese

Ab: CHF 11.00

Sheep-Mutschli organic

Ab: CHF 18.00

Alp cheese organic (up to 1 year)

Ab: CHF 7.50

Alpine cheese organic mature

Ab: CHF 8.40

Bernese alpine cheese

Ab: CHF 19.20

Spitzhorn Extra

Ab: CHF 12.00

Raclette Spitzhorn organic

Ab: CHF 10.00

Raclette Spitzhorn organic with pepper

Ab: CHF 10.00

Raclette organic with herbs

Ab: CHF 10.40

Goat milk powder

CHF 19.90


CHF 5.80

Alpine cheese Gungg 2016

Ab: CHF 12.00

Alpine cheese Gungg 2020

Ab: CHF 10.00

Alpine cheese

CHF 18.00
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