Black Friday is history and now even the last ultra-large flat-screen TV should have arrived in its new home. People are consuming and consuming. The wallet is groaning with emptiness and Christmas is already knocking on the door. Since almost everyone can now afford everything, original gifts are more in demand than ever. Especially among Millennials and Generation Z, extraordinary experiences and priceless moments are increasingly in demand. These young people have grown up in a Switzerland with a stable economy and without war, and have all the opportunities in the world. Nevertheless, they too are tending more and more towards simplicity and focus on quality rather than quantity.

So what to give them? asked around among Swiss farmers and presents you with three original gift ideas.

From cook to entrepreneur

For example, Claudia Speck-Schlauri. The Appenzeller has set up a successful small business smoking meat. “Speck-Musegg” offers a wide range of farm-fresh cheese and meat specialities. In the Mucca shop you will find the popular gift baskets and also the classic: the Musegg-Tröckli. The gift box contains fresh cheese with various herbs, home-smoked bacon and rind, Appenzeller noodles, Biberli, a wooden Edelweiss flower and much more. On request, Claudia Speck-Schlauri will put together a tailor-made gift box for you with the products of your choice. More information here.

Bee sponsorships for more biodiversity

If sustainability is important to you and you would like to take a stand against dwindling biodiversity, how about adopting a bee colony? Beekeeper Fredi Mosimann from Bolligen gives you the opportunity to adopt one of his bee colonies. In Switzerland, it is not only bee mortality that is increasing – beekeeping is also becoming more and more expensive due to the introduction of Asian pests, which is why many beekeepers have to change their orientation. Whether as a gift for a christening, birthday or Christmas. Who can claim to own a bee colony and sweeten their tea with their own honey? By the way, Fredi Mosimann also offers bee sponsorship for companies that want to make a contribution to the environment. You can find more information here.

Romantic week or digital detox

Gstaad is often referred to as the Mecca of the super-rich. But did you know that you can also rent alpine huts there? Yes, that’s right, you heard right! The Perreten family from Feutersoey rents out their alpine hut, which they have lovingly furnished, by the week. Whether it’s a romantic holiday week for two or with a couple of colleagues: There is enough room for four people in the hut. Running water fresh from the spring is available in front of the hut – with a magnificent view of the mountains. There is no electricity – so digital detox is the order of the day. If you like the traditional or are looking for a rustic alternative to luxurious Gstaad, this is the place for you. The six-member Perreten family also sells potatoes, eggs and veal on their organic farm. So no one will go hungry 🙂 You can find the family’s profile and contact details here.

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