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The only and original Sapsago (Ziger) 180g.

More information: Fischli Sigfried, Näfels –

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Would you like to know what the original Glarner Alpziger (Sapsago) from Alpine milk tastes like? Then the choice is not difficult! The Fischli family is the only one (!) who still makes this quality product by hand and without preservatives. The spicy Ziger made from the milk of their horned cows is known for containing a lot of protein, as only the skimmed milk and thus no cream remains during centrifugation. If you visit the family from the end of May to the end of July on their alp in the Glarus Obersee Valley, you will also enjoy the finest herb butter, Frischziger or Ziger butter. Taste the difference between the industrially produced and the purely natural Sapsago!


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Fischliberg 1, 8752 Näfels, Schweiz
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