Are you tired of being dependent on the pricing policy of middlemen? Would you like to present your business online? Or do you have a homepage, but hardly any time to manage it? is the solution! We not only support you in writing texts, editing images or installing new updates: thanks to the many participating businesses, you save thousands of francs that you would otherwise have had to spend on advertising. Even if you already have a homepage, a portrait on will help you gain more visibility on the Internet and thus a larger clientele.

Independent and not for profit

Are you wondering why you should register your business exactly on The online platform was launched in 2018 by the Swiss farmer’s subsidiary Lara Steiner to promote direct marketing in agriculture. The platform is open to all farms, even those that do not belong to any cantonal farmers’ association. Because Lara Steiner is passionate about the site and puts a lot of heart and soul into it, the annual flat rates are only about a third of the fees charged by major hosting providers such as And there you still have to take care of the whole design and the ongoing administration yourself. For the three hours needed to create a profile (text, photos, uploads, translation), a one-time fee of CHF 90 is charged

Registering is very simple

Interesse geweckt?  Klicken Sie auf den unteren Button und melden Sie heute noch Ihren Betrieb an. Fragen können hier gestellt werden.

Three packages: Basic, Shop, Gold

You can choose between three package solutions: Basic, Shop and Gold. The packages are turnover-dependent.

With a Basic profile we create a company portrait for you with everything that goes with it: photos, text, contact details, product information and a link to your own homepage.

If, on the other hand, you would like to take orders for your products online, the Shop profile is a suitable option. With a form, customers can place their orders and you will receive them directly by e-mail. It is therefore up to you how you contact the customers, under which conditions you deliver and which payment methods you accept. In contrast to other (known to us) online shop providers, does only charge a 5% commission.

The “crème de la crème” is the Gold package. This is based on the Basic and Shop profiles. So you receive a portrait and can sell your products online. In addition, you benefit from targeted advertising measures to make your company even better known. For example, we will write your own blog article for you, in which your company, your products and your visions are presented. See the article about the Fankhauser family from Baar ZG (click here).

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