The mountains, the water, the snow: Switzerland I love you. Even if I have to admit that I only really appreciate you after my three years abroad. Before, it would never have occurred to me to go hiking voluntarily. Before, when I was 16, I was the poster child for climate change. “Whaaaaaaat, you’ve never flown before? Never drank from a coconut? And don’t even own a cell phone?” people asked me in horror. At the time, very few people were aware that not consuming is not so bad for the environment.

Where are you all coming from?

“Mountain goat” and “Heidi” they called me. As a Swiss woman who climbs all the mountains, can’t do without her morning muesli and has cows at home, that’s pretty obvious. They were all always enthusiastic about our mountains, the cleanliness and efficiency of the Swiss. Whether this is still true remains to be seen. I think of the littered city parks and what all lies next to the highways. Sometimes it seems to me as if we’re about to burst. Where do all these people actually live? Why is everyone suddenly driving their cars into the mountains, so that entire roads to excursion destinations have to be closed? Finding a parking space after 10:00 a.m. is almost like playing the lottery. The fact is: the 9 million Swiss probably can no longer be prevented. That’s why respectful coexistence is all the more important.

Tolerance and respect

LGBTQ, #MeToo, BLM. Whaaaaat? We have to accept each other as we are. Everyone gets to decide for themselves how they live their lives. If someone eats a vegan diet, that’s their right. If someone wants to go on a trip around the world, let him. If someone doesn’t want to buy cheap clothes, I accept that. Coercion and paternalism are never good. I am also wary of extremism – whether right-wing or left-wing. Our society is constantly changing. Our decisions and behaviors have made us what we are today. There is no one person to blame for everything. Nor is there THE solution to all our problems.

Always this politics

As a self-proclaimed “bridge builder” between town and country, I would like to bring agriculture closer to consumers and break down prejudices. A big topic is always the (formerly so-called) subsidies, which no longer exist in this form. Today, subsidies secure the existence of farming families. Without these funds, the income of some families would fall below 30,000 Fr. per year. By way of comparison, a medium-sized tractor costs around CHF 90,000. For me personally, subsidies are also a form of compensation for a misguided pricing policy. Currently, a farmer receives just under 50 Rp. for a liter of milk, half of what he received in 1993 and the same as 40 years ago. In the store, the price has doubled. If you pay up to 3x more for organic products, please don’t think that the surcharge ends up with the organic farmer, it’s only a fraction of that. In short: After everyone has helped themselves, it’s the producer’s turn.

New ways for a peaceful coexistence

Have you ever made your own alpine cheese, smoked bacon, distilled schnapps or picked cherries directly from the farm? Swiss farmers invite you to their farm and show you how they live for a day. You will accompany them in their work and learn how many steps it takes until we have something to eat. On each experience day you can expect a highlight and of course you can take the homemade farm products home with you. You are also cordially invited to lunch.

Discover the wide range of Swiss specialties and book your farm experience day in the Mucca online shop today.

Become a farmer for a day and secure your very own personal farm experience


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