Online trading has grown strongly in recent months, not least due to the Corona measures. Regional products received a surge in demand – farm shops were literally overrun. The number of visitors to has also increased many times over: consumers use the Internet to search for nearby businesses to buy their food there.

The future is digital

It is undisputed that sooner or later digitalization will take us away from cash, travel agencies or large shopping centers. Corona has accelerated this development. The winners of the lockdown are companies that offer their products and services online. This naturally includes farmers with an Internet presence. A sign at the side of the road is all well and good, but it is also quickly forgotten. In any case, I’ve never been fast enough to take a photo of the contact details when driving by, so that I might be able to buy something next time. Also the range of potential buyers is limited.

But the possibilities are much greater via the worldwide web: not only the distribution can be controlled, but also the target audience. This means that the majority of visitors to are aware of their diet and the health benefits of regional and seasonal products. This makes it all the more important to present the company online in order to expand the customer base and promote direct marketing. Because: If you don’t see someone, no one will buy from them.

Update again and again

“Now available: Christmas trees and Christmas cookies directly from the farm”, I recently read on a website. Not exactly fitting in the middle of summer. When I clicked on the link, nothing happened. And at the top left of the address bar there was a note saying that the page was “not secure”. Once again I realized that creating a homepage is not done yet. It must be kept up to date. Update texts, answer customer inquiries, make necessary security updates, pay fees for the website provider: All this and much more is coming your way. At the same time, the site should be beautifully designed with error-free texts and good pictures. And what good is an appealing homepage if nobody knows it without advertising? Some pay Google several thousand francs a year to appear high up in the search results. Connoisseurs in the industry use their sound knowledge and expertise to implement targeted, time-consuming advertising measures to make the site better known.

So the creation of a homepage is by no means the end of the story. An internet presence for your own business is an ongoing project that costs a lot of time and sometimes nerves – especially if information technology, spelling and design are not among your strengths.

More life thanks to

Do you see the future of your business in direct marketing? Do you have a homepage, but too little time and expertise for the ongoing administration? Do you need help in implementing an online shop? After a hard day in the field, it can quickly happen that texts are no longer up-to-date, security updates are postponed or mails are forgotten. So that you can spend the otherwise already scarce time with your family or your favourite hobby, supports you in the realisation of your internet presence. We not only write the text and edit the pictures, you can also sit back and relax if important updates are pending or if the terms of use have to be adapted due to a new data protection law. There are no costs for the domain, hosting provider or IT support.

Direct and transparent

The aim of the independent online platform is and remains the direct exchange between producers and the public. For consumers, it is much easier to search for the desired food on a clearly arranged page with just a few clicks than to struggle through the jungle of home-made websites and then realize that the desired product is not available at all. That’s why all profiles are structured in the same clear way.

Only you decide which information you want to disclose about your business and which products you want to sell online and under which conditions. All messages and orders go directly to you as profile owner. You get in contact with the customers and build up a personal relationship, so that your company becomes better known by passing it on. Because is not profit-oriented, the entire annual flat-rate fee is reused to cover the administration costs and for targeted advertising. In contrast to many other providers, we do not charge transaction fees when you sell your products online. The entire amount is therefore credited to your account. And founder Lara Steiner is always available for questions and answers. Personal support is therefore also guaranteed.

So there is nothing to be said against giving your business a new future thanks to an Internet presence, independent of middlemen and high margins. If you already have a homepage, you can easily link it to your profile on and you will see how the number of visitors multiplies. Test us and register your business on today.

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